Act of kindness #23: World Kindness Day Goody Bags

Sunday 13th November is World Kindness Day, and wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we all could spread a little more kindness around our homes and communities on this day. Especially with all this unrest we are currently facing.


I’d hoped to do a really big kindness act to celebrate this special day, like walk around my home city offering free hugs, or something where I could invite the local media to get involved.

But sadly it’s not possible this year as I’m still struggling a little from my recent CFS relapse and also have family commitments on Sunday.

So I see this as a fantastic excuse to get in early by digging out my fabulous kindness goody bags, filling them with fun and yummy goodies, and giving them to unsuspecting strangers.



This will be my fourth RAOK featuring these little bags of joy (the others were at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter). These bags are filled with a fun ‘noise-maker’ toy, a ‘you are AMAZING’ postcard, a few stickers, a mini chocolate bar, and a couple of sweeties.

World Kindness Day Goody Bag contents

I also added one of my Kindness Cards with a simple message to celebrate World Kindness Day.


Today, I headed down to our local hospital and popped my World Kindness Day Goody Bags onto the windscreens of cars parked in the hospital car park. I’m thinking that the recipients will have been visiting a friend or loved one, have had a hospital appointment or even a hospital stay.

World Kindness Day Goody Bags

I even made my first RAOK video if you fancy a giggle…

World Kindness Day You Tube Still.png

It’s my first try so please be kind 🙂

I really really love doing these kinds of ROAK, they bring me huge joy.  And I hope with all my heart that the recipients of my goody bags smile as much as I’m smiling right now.


p.s If you found a World Kindness Day Goody Bag on your car, I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below…

6 thoughts on “Act of kindness #23: World Kindness Day Goody Bags”

  1. I read this after World Kindness Day but I think its a really lovely idea, especially the advent calendar idea, which I’m going to try and use at work in some way

  2. Helen, dear friend, I am So Glad to have read this Before World Kindness Day, tomorrow…while I won’t have time to create lovely goody bags or cards as you have done, I can at least Tell everyone I encounter tomorrow…Thank you, dear Helen, for making this a brighter world ✨

    1. Awww thank you lovely SF Sunshine ♡ I’m so happy that you’re going to spread the word today. Being kind doesn’t have to be all about big gestures – the smallest thing can make a biggest difference ☆ Thank you for your kindness Xxx

  3. The video is AMAZING, just like you! Love that you are continuing to spread the kindness message far and wide dear Helen.

    1. Thank you so much lovely Emily, you’re so kind. I was so nervous making it and almost didn’t put it up. But I really wanted to spread the kindness message and realise that it isn’t all about me!! 🙂 Love to you Xxx

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