Day 87: You’ve been RACK’ed!

Being kind by leaving festive goodie bags on car windscreens at the doctors’ surgery:

I’m so excited about this act of kindness. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, but with my recent big CFS relapse have had to put it on hold.

But as I start to feel a little better, I made it to the shops a couple of days ago to buy some treats to make some festive goodie bags; and I was delighted to have enough to make 24 bags!

RACK loot

Alongside a few sweet treats, I added a party popper, a festive feather and a Christmas bauble.

I also included one of my brand new Kindness Cards with the message: You are AMAZING (if you forget that, please read this again).


I’ve also made a ‘you’ve been RACK’ed’ card which reads: You have been RACK’ed. You have been chosen to receive this small gift through a Random Act of Christmas Kindness. May your day be merry and bright Xxx


So today I nipped out to pop a goodie bag onto the windscreen of the cars parked in my local doctors’ surgery car park. I really hope that it will be a nice surprise for those who’ve just been to see one of the doctor’s about a health issue.

Doctor's surgery RACK

A dapper gentleman dressed in a smart suit was just returning to his car as I was about to put a goodie bag on his windscreen, so I got the chance to give it to him face-to-face instead. It was really heartwarming and rewarding to see his reaction to this little act of kindness: he gave me a huge smile as he said thank you. ♡

With the rest of the goodie bags, I hope to feel well enough to head into the city one day next week and will either hand them out or will hide them for people to find. If not, I’ll work something out.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being kind by leaving festive goodie bags on car windscreens at the doctors’ surgery.


ps if you received one of my festive goodie bags, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

7 thoughts on “Day 87: You’ve been RACK’ed!”

  1. Just had to let you know my story, even though it is difficult to write.
    So…… I was taking my husband to the surgery , and came back to find one of your gifts. At first I thought it was a parking ticket! I was getting worried as I was parked (Bonafide) in a disabled bay, and as toy are aware the parking is somewhat difficult ! My husband has lots of health issues and we had just gone to get him some Antibiotics and Steroids for a chest infection, he had been admitted to Hospital overnight on Boxing Day , so we were already feeling a little low.
    We were both moved by the gift, especially once home we investigated a little more. The gift was put on my kitchen worktop ( after examining the contents with joy), and there it remained for the rest of the day.
    At 3am that night he became very unwell, and was rushed back into hospital , and after receiving the most fantastic treatment alas to no avail he lost the fight and passed away at 8.50.
    Just wanted you to know that your gift was a lift and I keep the card in pride of place.

    1. Dear lovely Liz, I am moved to tears by your message and am deeply sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you at this very difficult time ♥︎.

      I am so glad my Kindness Goodie Bag lifted your spirits and am touched you are keeping the Kindness Card where you can see it – please do read the message every day, because you are AMAZING ☆

      I really appreciate you having the courage to write to me and my thoughts are with you.

      Big hugs to you and take care of yourself.
      Love, Helen Xxx

  2. Wow!! I love, love this idea!! I am totally going to do it!! I love your blog! So inspiring! Please check mine out if you get a chance. Smile!! 🙂

    1. Thank you lovely Anna ♥︎ Your blog is wonderful. You are an amazing kindness angel and have given me lots of ideas 🙂 I love your big beautiful heart Xxx

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