Day 56: Walking barefoot

Being mindful while walking barefoot on my soul stroll:

To celebrate this glorious first day of October, I couldn’t resist going for a short soul stroll. And today I decided to slip off my fit flops and go barefoot.

I’ve always preferred to be shoeless, and have wanted to walk barefoot on the grassy part of my stroll for ages. But as it’s a popular spot for dog walkers and litterbugs, I’ve been too weary of stepping on something I’d rather not!

But today with the grass freshly cut, I could see what was ahead of me and decided to go for it.

And it felt wonderful. Really wonderful.

As I began, I found I was treading very cautiously and carefully scanning the ground for potential hazards. But with each step I grew in confidence and relaxed into my stroll.

It felt powerfully grounding, as my body connected with the earth.

Walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand is known as ‘earthing’.  As the soles of our feet contain thousands of nerve endings, they are stimulated by the textures and temperature on the ground. Fascinating stuff.

And research suggests tons of health benefits including increasing anti-oxidants and reducing inflammation. Love it!

Plus, it’s tons of fun, and I felt truly alive and free!

barefoot by the brook

When I lived by the beach in Australia, I used to walk barefoot on the sand every day. Now I’m living near the countryside, I’m intending to walk shoeless on the grass as often as the English weather allows. Even if I can just do a little barefoot walk around the garden in the coming colder months.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being mindful while walking barefoot on the grass.