Day 81: First snow

Being mindful of the first snow shower of the season:

Wide awake at 4:30 with a mind like a monkey
I pull back the curtains to breathe in this new day
A sprinkle of winter magic makes my heart gasp
A light dusting of snow sits gently on the grass

A soul stroll at noon awakens my senses
I spy birds’ nests perched high upon the bare branches
My babbling brook full to the brim, near overflowing
Icy shards crunch with each step, my spirit is soaring

birds nest

icy shards


4 thoughts on “Day 81: First snow”

  1. Beautiful post Helen I always find snowflakes one of life’s wonders. How there can be so many we couldn’t even count them yet no two are the same. They’re intricate beauty & how they are so delicate yet collectively can bring us to a standstill. XॐX

    1. I am so with you about snowflakes my lovely one, they are so beauifully captivating and mesmerising – I’m excited for more snow now, but we may have to wait a while 🙂 Xxx

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