Act of kindness #16: Sweet Dreams

Today I sent a kindness package off to a beautiful 10 year old bright light.

Eva sometimes feels a little anxious and doesn’t sleep so well because of it. But when she tried some of my Sweet Dreams essential oil blend I’d sent to a friend, she slept all the way through the night.

She was so happy, she sent me a heart melty video saying: “Thank you Helen, you are a miracle worker”, which made me smile and smile and smile.

I thought I’d make Eva a special blend of my Sweet Dreams potion and popped it into a goody bag, along with a handmade Wish-Upon-A-Star Bracelet, a handmade You Are Amazing postcard and one of my Kindness Cards.

Sweet dreams goody bag

I hope it’s a nice surprise and welcome gift for this lovely ray of light and that the oil blend continues to help her enjoy many more blissful night’s sleep.


2 thoughts on “Act of kindness #16: Sweet Dreams”

  1. She is still beaming from it. I really wish I could have captured her reaction as she went through each thing and was mesmerized by every word. She skipped off to school with the kindness card to tell everyone, there’s a whole mini team of kindness queens buzzing around over here now! Thank you xॐx

    1. Awww this makes me sooooo happy. Your beautiful description gives me a very clear and very happy visual 🙂 I am smiling so BIG right now Xxx

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