Act of kindness #35: A Santa hat of festive treats

Having seen how busy the city is getting with Christmas Day so close, I thought I’d channel Santa’s Little Helper and do an act of kindness to show some of the hardworking people who help us with our Christmas shopping and serve us our festive refreshments, a little love and gratitude.

I bought a few chocolate bars and attached a Kindness Card to each with the message: You are doing a GREAT job – and if you ever forget that, please read this again”. And I popped them all inside a Santa Hat.

Santa Hat's Festive Treats.JPG

As I ventured into the city this week, once to go to my Mindfulness Course and once to go  to my Cranial-Osteo appointment, I took the opportunity to offer harassed-looking shop staff and run-off-their-feet cafe workers a dip into the Santa Hat to pick out a festive treat.

My absolutely favourite response was at stationery shop Paperchase: the two girls were heads down, working diligently to serve the very long queue of lunchtime shoppers and when it got to my turn, I couldn’t wait to offer them the Santa Hat.

When each saw their sweet treat and kindness message, they both looked up and broke out into the biggest smiles – it made me so happy to see their reaction.  I left the shop with us wishing each other a Merry Christmas with huge grins on our faces and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

It was a similar reaction by the staff at the city’s main library, and with my last festive treat at the ready,  I nipped into the health shop to pick up some Apple Cider Vinegar. But before I could give the friendly assistant a festive treat, she kindly gave me a box of yummy Ginger Tea as a festive thank you for my custom!

Big smiles all around.