Act of kindness #15: Happier Goody Bags

Since joining Happier almost two years ago, I’ve become… well, Happier. My absolutely favourite app is an online community of like-minded souls and works like an online gratitude journal; members post ‘happy moments’ and fellow Happiers can ‘smile’ and write comments on these posts.

I truly feel like I’ve found my tribe: a community of kind, loving, supportive and positive souls from around the world.

There’s been quite a few meet ups, mainly in the US where the app’s HQ is, and it’s lovely to see friendships grow and flourish.

And I know I’ve made some cherished friendships for life.

The UK Happiers are dotted all over the country and a big meet up was arranged in London last month. I was deeply disappointed not to feel well enough to travel down and join them, but I enjoyed seeing the love and friendship radiating from the photos of the smiling faces.

There was another meet up in London today. And sadly again, I’m not well enough to go 🙁

So I thought it would be a lovely idea to make up some special Kindness Goody Bags and send them down to everyone who could go. That way I feel like I’m a part of the day even though I’m not physically there.


A lovely Happier hosted the meet up at her home, and kindly let me send the parcel of goody bags there in time for the big day. She even tied some fabulous orange balloons to the bags to give them an extra Happier vibe. And she’d made an amazing cake especially for the occasion.


I love that not only do I get the opportunity to spread a little kindness around this amazing community but I also got to be a part of this special day.


Day 98: Friends

Being grateful for my friends:


Just thinking about them makes me smile.

I’m sure you’ll agree that friends enrich our lives. We support and inspire, console and motivate, have each other’s back, and believe in each other.

Whether it’s a giggle over something silly, or a pour-your-heart-out kind of chat, friends comfort each other during tough times, and are there to celebrate the good times.

And what’s more, they know you and still love you!

I feel so blessed to have had some amazing friends throughout my life so far. I am truly grateful for every single one: longstanding and new, young and young-at-heart, near and far, lost and found.

Friends can really feel like family: they’re the family we choose for our ourselves.

I came to realise this even more so having lived in various places around the world. Having to start from scratch quite a few times, it’s not easy and can be pretty lonely at first. But slowly and surely, friendships form and blossom.

But then it’s heartbreaking when one of us – which usually happens to be nomadic ole me – moves on and we have to say goodbye.

So that’s why I say, thank goodness for technology!

I am forever grateful to be able to stay in touch via Skype and FaceTime. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how incredible is it to sit and have a face-to-face catch up over a cuppa with a friend on the other side of the country or the world!

And while I’m not a huge user of Facebook, I’m glad to have it so I can have a quick scroll through friends’ pages now and again to see what they’ve been up to.

I have to confess, I used to be doubtful how you could make real true friends through social media. But thankfully my eyes, and heart, have been opened thanks to the amazing Happier app. This like-minded community filled with kind-hearted, happy souls make me smile every day and I’ve formed some truly special life-long friendships. Even though we haven’t met in person yet – and I stress the yet as I know it will happen – I know that these friendships are just as real and just as true.

While new friendships are all shiny and exciting, I’m really sad to have lost connection with friends from the past, as we both moved on or grew apart. But I’ve come to accept that this is part of life.

As with any relationship, they can be difficult and challenging at times, but hopefully you can work through it together and come out stronger.

Sadly, there are some friends we have to let go of, or they let go of us. No matter how painful it is when this happens, I try and remind myself to be grateful for all that we’ve shared together. And whenever I think of them to remember to smile and send them love ♡.

Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome makes it frustratingly difficult to stay in touch and keep friendships going. As much as I want to connect, the nature of my symptoms make it a challenge.

It’s safe to say I’m reliably unreliable when it comes to making plans for a get-together be it in person or via technology. I find I have to reluctantly cancel planned chats at the last minute, due to not feeling well enough. And this is really upsetting and I never feel great about it.

But my friends are always in my thoughts and in my heart, and I hope they know that. I hope once I’m well enough, we can reconnect and make up for lost time.

I just love how great friendships are those where you can simply pick up where you left off, even though you haven’t spoken for a while.

And I know that we are always there for each other. After all, that’s what friendship is all about, isn’t it.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful for my friends.

Day 13: Happier and friends

Being grateful for the Happier app and Happier friendships:

I joined the wonderful Happier community almost a year ago, and it’s had a hugely positive impact on my day-to-day life and wellbeing.

The iTunes blurb says, it’s like a smile in your pocket, and I couldn’t agree more.

Happier is a social media mobile app for sharing the good stuff. It’s mission: to help you find more joy in your everyday life. Happiers can share a ‘happy moment’ and also smile and comment on others’ moments, and vice versa.

It wasn’t long before I noticed how I was actively looking for more and more things to be happy about and be grateful for in my day. And that can’t be a bad thing at all! In fact, my experiences on Happier have been a huge inspiration for this blog and ‘100 days of happy’ project.

Happier has opened the door to meeting so many beautiful like-minded souls and kindred spirits. I believe finding and connecting with a community online that focuses on positivity and support has become instrumental in my recovery journey.

I feel like I’ve found my tribe.

Spending just a few minutes scrolling through Happier always makes me smile and lifts my spirits, especially when I’m feeling low.

What’s also special about Happier is seeing new friendships develop all around the globe; as fellow Happiers swap email addresses, send cards and thoughtful gifts to each other, talk on the phone, and even meet up in person for Happier get togethers.

How cool is that!

I’ve been chuffed to bits to receive my own Happier mail, including beautiful cards and thoughtful, inspirational bracelets, which I love and wear all the time.


Happier bracelets

And I’ve enjoyed getting creative and sending homemade cards and little gifts to a couple of Happier friends. Something I’d like to do more of.

Today, I even got the chance to have a real life chat with a lovely Happier, who’s become a good friend. We chatted excitedly and both felt cheered by our connection; it’s made me smile from ear to ear all day long.

Who knew that signing up to an app would produce such beautiful gifts of friendship, support and all round loveliness.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful for the Happier app and new Happier friendships.