More days of happy: Red Red Robin

Being mindful by looking out for robins:

I love robins. I really really love them.

I’ve loved them ever since I performed a tap dance with my dance school to the brilliant Red Red Robin song when I about 8 years old. Yes, me… on a real stage with real people watching!! Argh!!

I love everything about the nation’s favourite bird. I love their bright red breasts which makes them out from the crowd. I love their year-round melodic birdsong which really cheers my day. I love their loyalty to the area in which they were born, rarely straying. And I love their presence around Christmastime, on cards, jumpers and all-things festive.

Surprisingly and disappointingly I don’t see them very often. We used to have a robin visit our garden occasionally, but I haven’t seen him for a while.

It’s one of the few birds I consciously look out for on my soul strolls.

And I’ve been lucky enough to spot two in the last few days!


On our way back from the health shop we stopped for a short soul stroll through a park, and I heard him before I saw him. I was over-the-moon to spot him and pleased-as-punch to be able to capture him before he flew away.


And I laughed when I got home when I realised I was wearing my robin jumper – now christened my ‘good luck robin jumper’!


This morning was a real treat. On my regular walking route into town, I’ve spotted a robin a couple of times. But he’s always flown away before I’ve been able to snap him – such a tease!

As I passed the spot today, I started to sing the Red Red Robin song as I kept my eye open for this seemingly elusive bird. And to my delight, he appeared a little further along, sitting on a branch, singing his heart out. Clearly he was showing me how the song is really sung! Again I managed to quickly capture him before he flew away.


Happy red robin days.

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