More days of happy: Heavenly head massage

Being mindful by completely surrendering to a yummy head massage:

I’ve been looking forward to my hair appointment for weeks and weeks.

Not only because my hair desperately needed it, as I only get to go every six months or so due to budget and health restrictions.

Not only because I look forward to catching up with my lovely hairdresser who I’ve been going to now, whenever I’m back in my home city, for around 17 years.

But also because I get to bliss out to the heavenly scalp massage I receive when I’m having my hair shampooed.

Ahh, such bliss.

Studies have shown that head massages can increase endorphins and serotonin in your body and relieve stress and anxiety.

And I can totally see why.

It feels soooooo incredible amazing, dreamily relaxing, and it makes me tingle from head to toe.

I could seriously lie there all day long.

As well as being a blissful experience, there are a plethora of benefits for your hair: enhancing blood circulation to flow more easily to the roots; adding natural shine and luster to hair; strengthening the roots to help hair growth, and so many more.

I’ve tried giving myself a head massage, but it’s not anywhere close. And I’ve tried Indian Head Massages too, and while these are also lovely, it’s not quite the same as the salon experience.

While I try to live in the present moment as much as possible, I’m already looking forward to my next appointment in six months time….


4 thoughts on “More days of happy: Heavenly head massage”

  1. I feel a bit like I’m stalking you (I’m not) I saw something you posted on Kind Spring, which lead me to a pin on Pintrest, which lead me to your website, that lead me to your FB page! Wow! you are so inspiring. I love doing RAOK – it started off as a hobby but now its daily practice. I always hesitate about leaving things on car windscreens – in case it sets of a security alert from a strange item being left, but I love the idea of leaving them on car’s at the doctor’s carpark. Nice idea. Keep on inspiring the world with your kindnesses.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting lovely Ally – Kindspring is a great place to be inspired isn’t it. I love that you do RAK’s too – I’d love to hear/read about them and will try and find you on Kindspring. I think I may leave future goody bags tucked into the car door handles going forward, so they are found before driving off. Keep spreading your kindness too lovely one. Hugs to you Xxx

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