Day 68: Natural cold remedies

Being grateful to have suppressed my cold symptoms using natural remedies:

One of the symptoms I’ve noticed since having CFS is that my immune system is so much weaker than it used to be. I seem to get everything that’s going around, and often have more severe or longer infections.

I only have to look at someone with a cold, and I catch it.

And not only do I suffer with all the usual cold symptoms, it also completely wipes me out energy wise. Sometimes for weeks.

So as you can imagine, I’m pretty paranoid when I share space with someone with the sniffles, and I have a tendency to freak out if they don’t cover their nose and mouth when sneezing. Urgh!

Sadly, it’s one of the trickier things of being around my nephews so much. They often have the sniffles, a runny nose or a cough, as colds tend to spread through schools like wildfire.

And the recent sudden temperature drop as autumn arrives good and proper, hailing the start of cold and flu season.

I believe that prevention is easier than cure, and have a myriad of daily natural remedies to help build up my immune system. I drink warm lemon and ginger every morning, I take 2000 mg vitamin C, a good quality multi-vitamin, and I eat plenty of vegetables including a daily green juice.

So when I felt the onset of a sore throat and ear ache earlier this week, I went on the natural remedy rampage.

I immediately started taking Echinacea, gargling with a warm salt water with a few drops of Marjoram Essential Oil, and dropping a little warm olive oil with Tea Tree Essential Oil into my ears.

I also got out my treasured Neti Pot. Originally developed as an Ayurvedic yoga tradition in ancient India, it’s traditionally used to give relief from nasal congestion, allergies, and head colds.

It looks like a genie’s lamp and it usually makes my wish to ward off oncoming cold symptoms come true.

Basically it’s a salt water solution to irrigate your nasal passage. The solution is poured into the pot and the end of the long spout is placed into one nostril, and as you tilt your head, the solution flows into one nostril and out the other, flushing out unwanted mucus and matter. It sounds yucky and it took me a while to feel comfortable doing it, but it works for me so it’s a keeper.

So these are my own tried and tested methods for strengthening my immune system and keeping cold symptoms at bay. And I’m delighted that my cold symptoms this week haven’t developed into the full-blown cold I was expecting, even though I still have a mild sore throat and ear ache a few days on.

And of course, my best natural remedy for feeling wiped out is complete rest, so I’ve been getting lots of that this week and am slowly building up my energy levels.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful to have suppressed my cold symptoms with natural remedies.


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