Day 53: Edo and Jo

Being grateful for the music and love of Edo and Jo:

I’m feeling deeply sad to have woken up to the news that Jo Mall Khan, half of the mantra music duo Edo and Jo, has left this earth following a recent cancer diagnosis.

Jo was such a bright shining light and gift to the world. I am so grateful to have been touched by her light, beauty and presence.

Her partner in both life and music Edo, has taken the time to share Jo’s illness and last precious moments so beautifully on their Facebook page. In her last few hours, Jo was surrounded by her loved ones chanting the sacred Sanskrit mantra Om Namo Narayani – meaning ‘I surrender to the divine’.

Their story and music has been such an inspiration to me.

They met on the beautiful island of Bali at a yoga retreat six years ago, and have been together sharing musical, yogic and humanitarian adventures ever since, dividing their time between Sydney, Bali and India.

The love they felt for each other was palpable (and still gives me hope!). And their music, their performances, and their dedication to conscious living and seva (selfless service) reflected this.

I first joined them for kirtan in a yoga studio in Manly, Sydney in 2011. As their beautiful melodic music filled the room, my heart filled with peace, joy and love.

Seeing them perform was always such a special love-filled experience. Jo’s angelic voice and divine flute playing, combined with their obvious devotion to each other, left me basking in bliss for days afterwards.

Shortly after hearing the news this morning, I took myself on a soul stroll as I wanted to reflect on Jo’s passing, and all the wonderful things she brought to my life and to others around the world.

I felt her presence all around: I felt her in the grass, the trees, the fallen leaves, the birdsong, the flowing brook, and the gentle breeze. And perhaps most of all, I felt her presence in the white feather that slowly fluttered down in front of me.

I’m feeling SOOOOOOOO grateful for the gift Edo and Jo have shared with the world. Their music and their love will continue to inspire me.

Om Namo Narayani ✨🙏✨

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful for the music and love of Edo and Jo.


NB if you’d like to listen to some of their music, I suggest starting with Siddhi Buddhi (Bliss) and Gayatri

4 thoughts on “Day 53: Edo and Jo”

  1. Oh, I am SO touched by how many of us are richer for having experienced Jo and them both together. I’ve danced in tears and joy to BLISS many times since hearing the news of her passing, lighting a candle for her. I’m feeling so grateful for the generosity with which they have shared their love with us all xxx

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