Day 48: My folks

Being grateful for my parents:

I’ve taken to doing the lotto at the weekends. I can’t help but see it as a big waste of money, but then you’ve gotta be in it to win it as they say!

And I’m an eternal optimist!!

Anyway, last week I got 3 numbers and was chuffed to bits with my £25 win.

Giddy with my winnings, I thought I’d use some of it to show my parents how grateful I am.

I’ve been living back in the family home ever since I became ill with ME/CFS.

And two and a half years on, I’m still here.

What a lucky girl I am to be able to have a safe home to live in while I recover, and to have my parents’ love and support – it really means the world to me.

I know it’s not easy on my folks. And for anyone who’s lived at home as an adult will know it’s not an ideal situation for any of us. But we are doing the best we can.

And I am really, really grateful.

So today I made a special ‘Thank you’ card and bought them a beautiful bunch of flowers.

thank you flowers and card

It’s not much but I know they’ll appreciate the gesture which comes from my ever grateful heart.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful to my parents for letting me live back at home while I recover from ME/CFS.

4 thoughts on “Day 48: My folks”

  1. Beautiful flowers. So happy you have your wonderful parents to support you. I know it can be difficult at times, as you mention. But it is also a gift for you all to have this time together. I have no doubt they feel your love and gratitude daily. xx

  2. This so reminds me how important it is to let people around me know how much I appreciate them and what a difference they make in my life… Thanks for the tap on the shoulder Helen! I so hope your parents feel your love and appreciation deeply. Thank goodness for them hey?!!!!!

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