Day 34: Nahko Bear

Being grateful to see Nahko and Medicine for the People:

I’m So Thankful.

Today I got to see my fave band play as they finally made their UK debut.

Nahko and Medicine for the People describe themselves as a musical collective with a mission “to be the motivation and inspiration for all that have become members of our Tribe.”

And they’ve been motivating and inspiring me ever since I first came across Nakho and MFTP at the Bali Spirit Festival over three years ago.

They blew me away.

It was one of the best live music performances I’ve ever seen. I immediately joined their Tribe and have been loving their music and their message ever since, waiting for a chance to see them again.

And today it finally came.

The last few days I’ve been coming down with a cold which has caused a flare up of CFS symptoms. For a time, I wondered if I’d feel well enough to go. I also knew that if I did go, I would spend days and days recovering.

But I was determined. I chose to accept the consequences. And boy was it worth pushing myself for.

I was already on Cloud Nahko Bear before the show. I was wandering looking for somewhere to eat and almost bumped into Nahko and Pato. Too shy to say anything, I saw them notice the pre-show meet up of UK Tribe members with signs propped up against the pub window. Nahko happily took a photo of them, and popped inside to say hello. I love how much they care about their fans, their Tribe.

I’d phoned the venue a few days ago to ask if there was somewhere I could watch the show a little out of the way of the main hub. They very kindly obliged by putting a stool for me at the front of the balcony and letting me into the venue early to take my place.

I had the best view in the house.

It was such a friendly, love-filled atmosphere as the UK Tribe members gathered ready for the show.

Nahko and MFTP didn’t disappoint. Seeing them live is an awe-inspiring, soul-empowering, light-filled experience.

Their music style is a mix of folk, rock, with some reggae-style vibes thrown in. Their lyrics are honest, heart-felt stories and strong spiritual messages of power and healing, with some truly inspiring affirmations:

“Each day that I wake, I will praise. Each day that I wake, I give thanks.”
“We are the ones… We’re a part of something special.”
“I believe in the good things coming”.
“Balance my chemistry, hydrate these cells. The body talks and meditation helps.”
“Now is all we have.”

Nahko Bear is a musical warrior of light. Seeing Nahko and Medicine for the People really is medicine for my soul.

I felt inspired to leave a few of my Kindness Cards (see Day 3) around the venue, spreading my own messages of love and kindness.

I’m so grateful I pushed myself to go, and it is so worth the aftermath of feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus as my CFS symptoms flare up big time.

But my spirit is still soaring. And that’s what counts.

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being grateful to see Nahko and Medicine for the People.

ps if anyone’s interested in checking them out, start here and here.

6 thoughts on “Day 34: Nahko Bear”

  1. They are awesome!! Well done for going – can be hard when you know the consequences, but sometimes pain is worth the pleasure (in a good way). xx

  2. What beautiful truth felt lyrics Helen. I am not familiar with these guys so I am excited to check them out, thank you for the introduction to what sounds like something very special for the soul. Much love xxx

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