Act of kindness #36: #BlueLightHappy

Today, I bought a tin of yummy Celebrations Chocolates and took it to our local Ambulance Service Station with a Kindness Card message saying: “Thank you for your service.”


I’ve been wanting to do this act of kindness for quite a while, and am so glad I finally got the opportunity to do it.

As a paramedic let me into their building on this freezing cold day sandwiched in between Christmas and New Year, I explained that I’d bought the sweet treats to say thank you.

I added that I hoped that they weren’t already sick of chocolate with it being the festive period, but the paramedic gave me a big smile and assured me that they weren’t, and that the chocs will go down very well with a cuppa.


The hashtag #BlueLightHappy started with paramedic, Rob Moore, back in November, to encourage the public to share stories of kindness about emergency service providers.

Moore tweeted: “There are lots of stories of people not being nice to us lately – it’s time for a morale boost!”


You can read more about it here.


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