Day 100: my 100th happy day

Being grateful for reaching 100 days of happy:

I’ve made it! I’ve done it!

100 happy days!!


I’m so thrilled to be writing my 100th happy day (and I have to confess I’ve been stringing it out a little bit as I didn’t want it to come to an end!).

I set out “to encourage myself to look for and write about something that has made me happy every single day”. And to be honest, once I started looking I’ve found it surprisingly easy to find something to be happy about.

In fact, most days it’s hard to choose which one to write about!

And that’s not meant to sound like my life is like a bed of roses. It certainly isn’t.

What I’ve realised is that we all have things around us that can make us happy – if only we allow it to.

And it really is the everyday little things.

For me it’s a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the melodic sound of birdsong, a soul stroll in nature, a tree blowing in the wind, a delicious meal, a hug with my mum, connecting with a friend, a yummy yoga session, playtime with my nephews, getting crafty, and so many more.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learnt throughout this is that happiness is an attitude: it is a choice we make every single day.


Even when I’m feeling crappy, wiped out or a little blue, or all three at once, as soon as I look for something to be grateful for, it instantly lifts my spirits.

It really is as simple as that.

Of course there are days when I’ve felt disgustingly crappy and to be completely honest, I haven’t felt like looking for something to cheer myself up. I’ve chosen to wallow in it, and that’s ok. As long as I acknowledge it and accept that it’s my choice.

I used to beat myself up for having ‘negative’ feelings, but now I’m trying to embrace both the light and the shadows. They’re all part of life and what makes me who I am, who we all are.

I know I need to honour how I’m feeling, as pushing it away can become pretty toxic. So now, when I feel awful, I try not to fight it. Instead I  try to accept it and  allow it and let myself feel it, and to trust that this too shall pass. For it will.

Of course, I’ll continue to have my blips and feel rubbish and lose my happy, and that’s ok. I can’t expect myself to be happy every single moment of every single day, so why beat myself up when I’m not? And as long as I’m aware of this and know that I can chose to be happy is the key.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that happiness isn’t a switch that once it’s on it never goes off: it’s a daily practice. It takes effort, which at times is not easy, but it’s so worth it.

So now I’ve reached the end of my 100 days of happy project, what next?

To be honest, I’m still not sure. But I’m really excited do see what’s around the corner.

I have lots of ideas floating around in my head which I can’t wait to explore and put into action. But as I’ve learnt with the rollercoaster nature of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I have to take each day, each hour, as it comes: slowly and surely.

And I completely trust that when the time is right, I will take the next step. And then the next.

In the meantime, I will continue to write about finding the happy in the everyday little things, just without the numbers as I feel I need to leave the 100 days as it is. So my new posts will be under a new heading: more happy days.

I can’t not mention the positive impact my kindness acts have had on my wellbeing. It’s been truly amazing and life-changing. Being kind really does benefit the giver as well as the receiver, and for that I’m truly grateful.

And I never expected the incredible response I’ve had from others – the reaction and feedback from some of the receivers, the interest from my local newspaper and radio station, and  all the wonderful comments from lovely you.

They’ve been a lovely bonus.

I have so many ideas on how to continue my kindness mission, and I’m really excited to be delving into this a lot more going forward. But all in good time and I will definitely be writing about them when the time is right.

And most of all, I’d like to say a huge big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my blog, I’m so thankful and it’s always so lovely to see you. And I am ever so grateful for my lovely subscribers, THANK YOU. I get so excited when I see your comments and appreciate every single one. I always feel such a thrill and a deep sense of gratitude when a new subscriber signs up. You are all AMAZING. THANK YOU!

So with this in mind, my happy for today is being for reaching 100 days of happy.

16 thoughts on “Day 100: my 100th happy day”

  1. Congrats Helen you are truly an amazing and inspiring person I cannot imagine how tough it’s been for you but for you to turn it around so proactively is amazing. I completely agree you choose you attitude on those tough days. keep it up stay happy!

    1. Thank you so much lovely Helen ♡ It was a lovely surprise to see your comment, and I really do appreciate your kind words. Choosing happiness really does make a huge difference doesn’t it. Love to you Xxx

  2. Congratulations for 100 days and good wishes for your next project.
    I’ve always been happy to see your postings in my inbox and agree that we can be as happy (or not) as we make up our minds to be but like you said, the not so happy days need to be acknowledged as well. So thank you for sharing your days of happy and for reminding me that there is much to be happy for.

  3. Congratulations Helen! Well done! This has been such an incredible journey to take with you. You have shared, taught & inspired so much with this project & big heart. I’m looking forward to what follows xॐx Thank You xॐx

    1. Thank you lovely Beth, I really appeciate your kind words ☆ my heart is overflowing with such lovely comments ♡ Love you Xxx

  4. Oh my wonderful Helen, you are such a joy! A joy to me, to your family and friends, but also to the world. We need people like you who realise that happiness is a choice but also something we need to choose every moment. And as you say, sometimes that isn’t possible and it’s good to acknowledge when you choose the “dark” side. Without dark, there is no light. Each person has both, and it’s about having the perspective and dedication, being humble and never giving up trying to choose to the light. And it shows through all your actions when you have chosen the light, as you shine on everyone around you. You inspire me endlessly and I am honoured to have followed your journey. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. So much love and respect to you. I look forward to many more happy days ahead!! <3 xxx

    1. Awwww Cat, wow, your kind words fill my heart ♡ Thank you dear friend. And yes, “Without dark, this is no light” is sooooo true.
      Thank you for shining your beautiful light on the world too ☆
      Much love to you Xxx

    1. Wow that stopped me in my tracks. I hadn’t really thought about that.Thank you Woolly, I really appreciate your kind words Xxx

  5. Well done and congratulations on reaching your 100 days.
    You have made so many folks happy, given them a lovely surprise and puta smile on their faces
    With lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks sis, I really appreciate your kind words ♡ It would be the icing on the cake to know I’ve made someome smile ☆ Love you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Congratulations on your 100th happy! I have loved reading every single one. In this piece you have beautifully written exactly how I feel about happiness. Thank you for sharing, you are an inspiration xx

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