30 Days of Kindness

Hello lovely,

Kindness is so powerful, and it’s during these difficult times, that we see our communities coming together and performing the most beautiful acts of kindness. We are already seeing many heartwarming examples of this all over the world. 

I’ve put together 30 Kindness Act suggestions to help us show kindness towards ourselves and others during this challenging time. This Kindness Calendar is a little different to the usual monthly calendars, in that nearly all of the kindness acts can be carried out without interacting directly with others, and from the comfort of our own homes. 

These suggestions aren’t intended to put your lovely self, or others at unnecessary risk. If you come across any which you feel this is the case, then please do skip it, or substitute with your own kindness act. As things are changing day-by-day, it’s important to keep up-to-date with and follow your Government/World Health Organisation‘s guidelines and stay safe at all times.

I’d like to invite lovely you and yours to join me in spreading a little kindness during this challenging time, but only if you are able. 

30 Days of Kindness 2020:

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Feel free to share any kindness stories you see or experience, on my Kindness Community Facebook Page: Spreading A Little Kindness. I’m also aiming to post each day’s suggestion on this page.

Please let’s remember to be kinder to ourselves, and show ourselves lots of love as well, we are definitely worth it!

Thank you so much for spreading a little more kindness.

Please take care and stay safe,
Love+hugs, Helen 💚

p.s. I’d really love to hear about your kindness experiences in the comments below…