Kindness Calendar January 2020

Kindness Calendar January 2020 CIRCLE

Hello lovely,

I hope you had a wonderful festive season, filled with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And for those who joined in with my Kindness Advent Calendars, a huge THANK YOU. I hope you had oodles of fun.

And now we turn to 2020.


I’d like to invite lovely you and yours to join me in spreading a little kindness this month.

I love January’s Kindness Quote:

Kindness Calendar January 2020 QUOTE.png

Just imagine… how cool it be to kick off this new year – and new decade – with this intention.  But even if you can manage just one kindness act a month, that would still send beautiful ripples of kindness out into the world.

Kindness Calendar January 2020:

To download your free copy, please click on this link:

Kindness Calendar January 2020
Kindness Calendar January 2020

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You can share your kindness experiences on my Kindness Community Facebook Page: Spreading A Little Kindness. It’s always lovely to see you there, and I love reading about your kindness stories.

Wishing you a joy-filled January, a wonder-filled 2020, and a new decade filled with everything you desire. Let’s remember to be kinder to ourselves as well, we are definitely worth it! Speaking of which, I’m taking a break from social media in January, so I’ll see you in February.

Thank you so much for spreading a little more kindness.

Love+hugs, Helen ♡

p.s. I’d really love to hear about your kindness experiences in the comments below…