Act of kindness #7: Easter Goodie Bags

Being kind by giving away Kindness Goodie Bags filled with all things Easter: Making up and giving out Kindness Goodie Bags has become one of my favourite acts of kindness. I relish deciding what to put in them, and then shopping for the goodies. I enjoy getting lost in the creativity of designing the message … Continue reading “Act of kindness #7: Easter Goodie Bags”

My kindness mission

Hello lovely, I’m so happy to see you here. I started my blog with a project called ‘100 days of happy’ in a quest to getting back my happy. By looking for the happy in the everyday little things, I enlisted a trio of helpers for my mission – gratitude, mindfulness and kindness. With limited … Continue reading “My kindness mission”

Day 95: Kindness trail

Being kind by leaving kindness messages on windows and mirrors around the city: Time for another Random Act of Kindness me thinks. I wrote out a kindness message on the back of my new Kindness Cards with the intention of sprinkling some magical kindness around my city on this freezing cold January Tuesday. The message … Continue reading “Day 95: Kindness trail”

Day 31: Hidden messages

Being kind by hiding messages for people to discover: Time for another Act of Kindness. Yippeeeeeeee! Inspired by hiding messages in my returned library books last week (see Day 26), I wrote some messages on the back of my Kindness Cards (see Day 3) and decided to hide them around the city for people to … Continue reading “Day 31: Hidden messages”

Day 26: Kindness bookmarks

Being kind by hiding a message inside library books: Today’s happy is short and sweet and happy. I wanted to leave messages inside a couple of library books I was returning for the next reader to find. On the back of my Kindness Cards, I wrote: You are in incredible person. Have a lovely day. … Continue reading “Day 26: Kindness bookmarks”

Day 99: My kind Valentine

Being kind by leaving love-filled goodie bags on car windscreens in the hospital car park: Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy International Random Act of Kindness Week! So why not combine the two, me thinks!! How about some Valentine’s Day Kindness Bags filled with love-themed goodies? And being joined by my helpful nephew Callum, I have … Continue reading “Day 99: My kind Valentine”

Day 82: City love

Being kind by leaving more kindness messages around my city: Today I went into the city to go to my first hair appointment in, well, quite a few months. And I thought it’d be a great opportunity to sprinkle some more kindness around my city. I wrote my new favourite kindness message on seven of … Continue reading “Day 82: City love”

Day 78: You are AWESOME

Being kind by hiding kindness messages in my local newspaper: Today I’ve been sprinkling some kindness around my city. I’ve been inspired by a lovely little card sent to me by a very kind friend. It reads: “You are AWESOME. If you forget that please read this again.” I love it sooooo much, I wanted to … Continue reading “Day 78: You are AWESOME”

Day 37: Soul nourishing nature

Being mindful during a visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve: Today I am so happy to have visited one of my favourite localish places for nature: Attenborough Nature Reserve. An award-winning eco-friendly visitor attraction managed by the wildlife trust, it covers 165 hectares and offers 9 miles of trails: it’s a very special place. It feeds … Continue reading “Day 37: Soul nourishing nature”

A warm and grateful heart

Being grateful for receiving kindness from big-hearted folk: Oh boy, what a month it has been in the life of my Kindness Advent Calendar; it honestly feels like a huge ripple effect of kindness is spreading out all over the world. I’ll write more about this once I’ve got over the shock! I also would … Continue reading “A warm and grateful heart”