Act of kindness #15: Happier Goody Bags

Since joining Happier almost two years ago, I’ve become… well, Happier. My absolutely favourite app is an online community of like-minded souls and works like an online gratitude journal; members post ‘happy moments’ and fellow Happiers can ‘smile’ and write comments on these posts.

I truly feel like I’ve found my tribe: a community of kind, loving, supportive and positive souls from around the world.

There’s been quite a few meet ups, mainly in the US where the app’s HQ is, and it’s lovely to see friendships grow and flourish.

And I know I’ve made some cherished friendships for life.

The UK Happiers are dotted all over the country and a big meet up was arranged in London last month. I was deeply disappointed not to feel well enough to travel down and join them, but I enjoyed seeing the love and friendship radiating from the photos of the smiling faces.

There was another meet up in London today. And sadly again, I’m not well enough to go 🙁

So I thought it would be a lovely idea to make up some special Kindness Goody Bags and send them down to everyone who could go. That way I feel like I’m a part of the day even though I’m not physically there.


A lovely Happier hosted the meet up at her home, and kindly let me send the parcel of goody bags there in time for the big day. She even tied some fabulous orange balloons to the bags to give them an extra Happier vibe. And she’d made an amazing cake especially for the occasion.


I love that not only do I get the opportunity to spread a little kindness around this amazing community but I also got to be a part of this special day.


6 thoughts on “Act of kindness #15: Happier Goody Bags”

  1. I feel like Im stalking you (in a good way) i love these goody bags. Its disappointing not to be able to go to the meetup in person, but the spirit of kindness was there. I stole one of your ideas – and left kindness packs on parked cars at my library. I didnt see people’s reactions, as I did it quickly in stealth mode!! Look after yourself x

    1. I l♡VE and feel very honoured that you’re stalking me in a good way 🙂

      I’m soooo happy you left kindness bags around too – that’s briliant. I know what you mean about stealth mode, I do the same 😉 Thank you for spreading a little kindness lovely Ally.

      Love+Hugs to you Xxx

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