Day 51: Kindness messages

Being kind by leaving kindness messages around my city: I took myself off for an Artist’s Date brunch today and to sprinkle some more kindness magic around my city. I wrote messages on the back of my Kindness Cards, and here’s where I left them: Message 1: “You are perfect, just as you are 😊. … Continue reading “Day 51: Kindness messages”

Act of kindness #20: Library book messages II

I had so much fun sneakily hiding kindness messages inside library books last week, that I want to do the same again (and again and again!). And today I got my chance as I needed to go to my health food shop in a different town. Armed with a new set of messages written on … Continue reading “Act of kindness #20: Library book messages II”

Act of kindness #19: Library book messages

My town’s lovely 150 year old library reopened yesterday after 6 months of construction work. I thought I’d celebrate by spreading a little kindness to strangers by sneakily hiding some kindness messages inside a few library books. I had already written a mixture of messages on the backs of my kindness cards before I set … Continue reading “Act of kindness #19: Library book messages”

Act of kindness #17: Mirror messages

Having recharged enough energy to take myself into the city for a brunch date this morning, I couldn’t resist planting some kindness messages I’d written on my Kindness Cards around the city. First up was in the bathroom of the delicious deli I had brunch in: Next was on the mirror in the changing rooms … Continue reading “Act of kindness #17: Mirror messages”

Act of kindness #13: Positive messages

After a challenging weekend, I decided to take myself out and cheer myself up. And one of the best ways I’ve found to turn my frown upside down, is by spreading a little kindness. I wrote a positive message on the back of several of my Kindness Cards inspired by a message at a London … Continue reading “Act of kindness #13: Positive messages”

Act of kindness #9: Bookmark messages

Being kind by hiding kind messages inside library books: Today I returned four books to my local library and decided to hide a Kindness Card with a handwritten message on the back, inside each book. The thought of the next person to read each of these books coming across my surprise message, makes me feel … Continue reading “Act of kindness #9: Bookmark messages”

Act of kindness #2: Warming messages

Being kind by putting up kindness messages around town: On this chilly foggy morning, I needed to visit my favourite health food shop to pick up a few essentials and thought I’d sprinkle a little kindness around in the hope of bringing a warm sunny smile to the early morning shoppers. Armed with some of … Continue reading “Act of kindness #2: Warming messages”

Kindness Calendar: February 2019

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful start to 2019.  First, I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you for all your kind messages and well wishes ♡ They really do keep my spirits lifted as I continue on my healing journey, and is yet more proof that there’s soooooo much kindness in the … Continue reading “Kindness Calendar: February 2019”

Act of kindness #37: Kindness Rocks

(I haven’t written an Acts of Kindness blog post for quite a while, as I’ve been regularly doing the same kindness acts I’ve already written about. I’ve also been focusing on a new health healing protocol, which has been taking most of my focus and limited energy, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to … Continue reading “Act of kindness #37: Kindness Rocks”

Act of kindness #35: A Santa hat of festive treats

Having seen how busy the city is getting with Christmas Day so close, I thought I’d channel Santa’s Little Helper and do an act of kindness to show some of the hardworking people who help us with our Christmas shopping and serve us our festive refreshments, a little love and gratitude. I bought a few … Continue reading “Act of kindness #35: A Santa hat of festive treats”