Kindness Calendar: November 2018

Hello lovelies and Happy November!

If you’d like to join me in spreading a little kindness this month, here’s November’s Kindness Calendar:

Kindness Calendar November 2018

To download your free copy, please click on this link: 

Kindness Calendar November 2018
Kindness Calendar November 2018

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Have a Nourishing November including a Wonderful World Kindness Day on the 13th.

Thank you so much for spreading a little kindness.

Love+hugs, Helen 💚


27th October 2017

Kindness Calendar: November 2017

Hello lovelies and a huge shiny welcome to November ♡

I hope October overflowed with kindness for you, and you are ready to greet this brand new month and all that it brings.

I hope for those of you in the southern hemisphere you’re enjoying the warmer days of spring, and in the northern hemisphere you’re enjoying Mother Nature’s stunning display of autumnal colours, here’s a few snaps I took at my favourite Japanese Garden last week:

Onto some fun and interesting facts about our new month ahead:

  • The name derives from the latin ‘novem’ which means nine, as November was the ninth month of the year in the ancient Roman calendar.
  • November is the only month used to represent a letter in the phonetic alphabet.
  • In 1863, US President Abraham Lincoln, declared the last Thursday of November to be a National Day of Thanksgiving.
  • This month has two birthstones: Topaz comes in many colours, but it is the orange-yellow topaz that is the traditional birthstone for November. Topaz is a symbol of friendship. Citrine is also a November birthstone. Named after the French word for ‘lemon’, citrine is also yellow-orange in colour and is known to awaken imagination and creativity.
    topaz and citrine.jpg
  • The flower of November is the chrysanthemum. The word comes from the Greek words chrys, meaning golden, the original colour of the chrysanthemum, and anthemum, which means flower. As you can see, the chrysanthemum symbolises optimism and joy: 
  • November’s astrological signs are Scorpio, from 23rd October to 21st November, and Sagittarius which runs from 22nd November to 21st December.
  • If you were born in November you may share a birthday with: 2nd Marie Antoinette; 5th Vivien Leigh; 7th Marie Curie; 11th Leonardo DiCaprio; 12th Grace Kelly; 14th Claude Monet; 17th Martin Scorsese; 18th Mickey Mouse’; 22nd George Eliot and Billie Jean King; 26th Tina Turner; 27th Jimi Hendrix; 30th Mark Twain and Sir Winston Churchill.


And here is November’s Kindness Calendar:

Kindness Calendar - November 2017 FINAL

And you can download it for free here: 

Kindness Calendar: November 2017
Kindness Calendar: November 2017

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As always, I try to make the acts on my Kindness Calendars quick, easy and cheap (well, mostly free actually). So anyone and everyone can join in.

You may want to mix it up and swap the acts around, adapt the acts to suit you, or even create your own kindness acts. And don’t worry if you can’t do an act of kindness every single day, sometimes it’s just not possible as I know too well with the nature of my CFS flare ups.

But even if every one of us manages to do just one kindness act on one day this month – imagine how amazing that would be!

Every single extra act of kindness counts, as together we are making the world a kinder place. So let’s get as many people as we can involved.. please share this with family, friends, work colleagues, classmates… and share all over social media. 🙂

And don’t forget to join me on my kindness community page on Facebook, and if you post about your kindness act, please use the hashtag #KindnessCalendar so we can all keep track of all the wonderful kindness we are sharing.

Wishing you a nourishing November, and let’s remember to be kinder to ourselves as well as to others… we are definitely worth it!

Thank you so much for spreading a little more kindness.
Love+hugs, Helen ☆♡☆