Act of kindness #9: Bookmark messages

Being kind by hiding kind messages inside library books:

Today I returned four books to my local library and decided to hide a Kindness Card with a handwritten message on the back, inside each book.

Kindness bookmarks.jpg

The thought of the next person to read each of these books coming across my surprise message, makes me feel really happy.


Day 64: Kindness message: found!

Being grateful for getting a response from my kindness cards:

WooHoooo… I’m so excited.

Today I received this message from someone who’s found one of my kindness cards:

“Hi. Did you put the second card in a book called Little Lies? I found it in a book from West Bridgford Library. Thought I might go looking through your website. I’m battling mental health issues so it was nice to get a kindness card. x”

How wonderful is that!

I’m beyond grateful Rebecca took the time to have a look through my blog, find the Kindness Bookmarks post, and write me a comment.

Thank you Rebecca, you’ve really made my day 🙂