Postcard Happiness

Being grateful for the kindness of strangers

A few months ago, I came across an amazing project called ‘Postcard Happiness’. It’s a website featuring people who’ve been nominated to receive some support, encouragement, thanks or love by way of receiving a postcard or two from kind strangers.

I was so enamoured with the idea, I immediately made, wrote and sent off a handful of postcards around the world. I even wrote a blog post about it (see Act of kindness #11) and forwarded it on to the project’s wonderful creator Tatjana (as she likes to keep up to date with how many postcards are being sent/received) and she wrote back asking if I’d like to become one of the nominated recipients myself!

I was really surprised and deeply touched, and thought why not?

As soon as a couple of days later, postcards started landing on my doormat. And I have to say, I didn’t anticipate just how wonderful and heartwarming it is to receive a few words of kindness from a complete stranger.

At the time of writing, I’ve received an incredible 40 postcards/cards/letters. That’s 40 big hearted folk who’ve taken the time out of their day to buy – or even make-  a postcard, write a few kind words and post it to me.


How incredible is that!

I’m amazed that as well as the UK, I’ve received postcards from all over the world including: the US, Singapore (thank you Singapore Cause Corps!), South Africa, Japan, France, New Zealand, Germany, The Philippines, Belgium, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Austria, China, UAE, Australia, and Egypt.

That’s an astounding 17 countries so far!

I can honestly say that each and every one has lifted my spirits and made my heart overflow with gratitude. And having recently been through quite a big ME/CFS relapse, receiving a few kind words through the letterbox has made me feel a whole lot better.

I want to give each and every one of you a really great big hug ♡

Another bonus I hadn’t anticipated is that all the lovely words about my blog and kindness mission have encouraged me to keep on going, when at times I doubted whether I would.

In a time of such global turmoil and craziness, it’s reassuring to be reminded that there are so many beautiful kind souls in the world. And I’m glad I have a constant reminder, well actually 40 reminders, on my bedroom door, which never fails to bring a smile to my face.


And whenever my CFS symptoms flare up or I feel despair about the world or I just need a little cheering up, I simply flip over a couple of postcards and reread the kind messages they hold. And all feels well once again ☆

So thank you thank you THANK YOU to anyone reading this who has kindly sent me a friendly postcard – please know that it honestly does make a difference. You really are AMAZING ☆

And a huge THANK YOU to the very lovely Tatjana for creating this happiness generating initiative, you really are AMAZING too ☆


ps if you’d like to send someone a friendly postcard or nominate somebody to receive a little postcard kindness, please visit  Project Happiness  – you really will brighten someone’s day.

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  1. Thanks for that Helen. I will follow your lead. This is a good cheer up for non-computer people who do not get to blog, etc. Take care and keep up your own “happy” work.

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