More days of happy: Red Red Robin

Being mindful by looking out for robins:

I love robins. I really really love them.

I’ve loved them ever since I performed a tap dance with my dance school to the brilliant Red Red Robin song when I about 8 years old. Yes, me… on a real stage with real people watching!! Argh!!

I love everything about the nation’s favourite bird. I love their bright red breasts which makes them out from the crowd. I love their year-round melodic birdsong which really cheers my day. I love their loyalty to the area in which they were born, rarely straying. And I love their presence around Christmastime, on cards, jumpers and all-things festive.

Surprisingly and disappointingly I don’t see them very often. We used to have a robin visit our garden occasionally, but I haven’t seen him for a while.

It’s one of the few birds I consciously look out for on my soul strolls.

And I’ve been lucky enough to spot two in the last few days!


On our way back from the health shop we stopped for a short soul stroll through a park, and I heard him before I saw him. I was over-the-moon to spot him and pleased-as-punch to be able to capture him before he flew away.


And I laughed when I got home when I realised I was wearing my robin jumper – now christened my ‘good luck robin jumper’!


This morning was a real treat. On my regular walking route into town, I’ve spotted a robin a couple of times. But he’s always flown away before I’ve been able to snap him – such a tease!

As I passed the spot today, I started to sing the Red Red Robin song as I kept my eye open for this seemingly elusive bird. And to my delight, he appeared a little further along, sitting on a branch, singing his heart out. Clearly he was showing me how the song is really sung! Again I managed to quickly capture him before he flew away.


Happy red robin days.

More days of happy: 7 things I love about March

Being grateful for the month of March:

It’s finally here: one of my favourite months of the year. 

I woke up feeling pretty excited this morning. And after making sure the first words I spoke were “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” to bring good luck for this shiny new month, I couldn’t wait to turn the page of my wall calendar and say a big fabulous Hello! to March.

Here are my top 7 reasons why I love this marvellous month:

1.    Spring is here
After the cosy hibernation of the long winter months, there’s a delicious scent of fresh starts in the air.  As spring arrives, I feel myself going through a metamorphosis and am ready to spread my wings.

2.    Mother Nature in bloom
After the barren tones of winter, it’s such a joy to spot lush green leaves sweeping over the bare branches and bright colourful flowers popping up everywhere. I’ve already been excitedly spotting snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses, and even some early spring blossom. Bring it on!

3.     Dawn chorus
As migrating birds begin to return and year-round birds start singing for mates, it’s such a treat to hear the skies come alive with the sound of morning birdsong and I continue to enjoy their joyful tunes all day long.

4.     Lighter longer days
Hooray for longer and lighter days as we head towards Daylight Savings. Waking up to an earlier sunrise and enjoying a later sunset is an instant mood booster and I love that it starts to bring people outside once again.

5.    Warmer temperatures
As we leave behind the winter chill for the warmer days of spring, I’m always relieved to shed my heavy winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves, as well as the winter blues. I love being able to get out into nature so much more, feeling lighter and brighter with a spring in my step.

6.     Easter
As well as enjoying the 4-day holiday and treasured family time, I have to confess I do look forward to lifting my year-round ban on sugar to enjoy a yummy Easter Egg and a Hot Cross Bun or two.

7.    My birthday
There are a fair few celebrations in March: birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day to name a few. And the excitement builds to my birthday which falls on the 29th. I’m happy to admit I’m a real Birthday Princess and think birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to do something really lovely – the CFS condition has made this a challenge over the last few years, but I still try to enjoy this special day.

So these are my favourite things about March. What do you love about March? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…