Day 51: Kindness messages

Being kind by leaving kindness messages around my city: I took myself off for an Artist’s Date brunch today and to sprinkle some more kindness magic around my city. I wrote messages on the back of my Kindness Cards, and here’s where I left them: Message 1: “You are perfect, just as you are 😊. … Continue reading “Day 51: Kindness messages”

Act of kindness #20: Library book messages II

I had so much fun sneakily hiding kindness messages inside library books last week, that I want to do the same again (and again and again!). And today I got my chance as I needed to go to my health food shop in a different town. Armed with a new set of messages written on … Continue reading “Act of kindness #20: Library book messages II”

Act of kindness #19: Library book messages

My town’s lovely 150 year old library reopened yesterday after 6 months of construction work. I thought I’d celebrate by spreading a little kindness to strangers by sneakily hiding some kindness messages inside a few library books. I had already written a mixture of messages on the backs of my kindness cards before I set … Continue reading “Act of kindness #19: Library book messages”

Act of kindness #17: Mirror messages

Having recharged enough energy to take myself into the city for a brunch date this morning, I couldn’t resist planting some kindness messages I’d written on my Kindness Cards around the city. First up was in the bathroom of the delicious deli I had brunch in: Next was on the mirror in the changing rooms … Continue reading “Act of kindness #17: Mirror messages”

Act of kindness #13: Positive messages

After a challenging weekend, I decided to take myself out and cheer myself up. And one of the best ways I’ve found to turn my frown upside down, is by spreading a little kindness. I wrote a positive message on the back of several of my Kindness Cards inspired by a message at a London … Continue reading “Act of kindness #13: Positive messages”

Act of kindness #9: Bookmark messages

Being kind by hiding kind messages inside library books: Today I returned four books to my local library and decided to hide a Kindness Card with a handwritten message on the back, inside each book. The thought of the next person to read each of these books coming across my surprise message, makes me feel … Continue reading “Act of kindness #9: Bookmark messages”

Act of kindness #2: Warming messages

Being kind by putting up kindness messages around town: On this chilly foggy morning, I needed to visit my favourite health food shop to pick up a few essentials and thought I’d sprinkle a little kindness around in the hope of bringing a warm sunny smile to the early morning shoppers. Armed with some of … Continue reading “Act of kindness #2: Warming messages”

Act of kindness #7: Easter Goodie Bags

Being kind by giving away Kindness Goodie Bags filled with all things Easter: Making up and giving out Kindness Goodie Bags has become one of my favourite acts of kindness. I relish deciding what to put in them, and then shopping for the goodies. I enjoy getting lost in the creativity of designing the message … Continue reading “Act of kindness #7: Easter Goodie Bags”

My kindness mission

Hello lovely, I’m so happy to see you here. I started my blog with a project called ‘100 days of happy’ in a quest to getting back my happy. By looking for the happy in the everyday little things, I enlisted a trio of helpers for my mission – gratitude, mindfulness and kindness. With limited … Continue reading “My kindness mission”

Day 95: Kindness trail

Being kind by leaving kindness messages on windows and mirrors around the city: Time for another Random Act of Kindness me thinks. I wrote out a kindness message on the back of my new Kindness Cards with the intention of sprinkling some magical kindness around my city on this freezing cold January Tuesday. The message … Continue reading “Day 95: Kindness trail”